The Wanderer's Journal
Draft 5 (professional edit)

Release date: 2024

A drought plagues the city of Uruk, and Nerguiin, a gala priestess tasked with speaking to the god Anu, hears no answer in the wind. When a bard, a ruthless thief, and an energetic lady break into her chambers in the White Temple, she strikes a deal with them: they’ll be given the sacred Tablets of Ascension, the texts providing the steps needed to reach the netherworld, but only if the thieves kidnap her. Before she knows it, she finds herself recruited into the greatest heist of their time: stealing rain from Ereshkigal, the Goddess of Death.

This story is recommended for those who wish to enjoy a light-hearted adventure romp with a sense of childlike discovery. If you are looking for a fable like in the best fairytales, look no further; Nerguiin has you covered.

Additional material

Lament for Inanna's Passing, composed by Dillan Schmitz, King Aurorus Music

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